No one chooses to be homeless.
But in a heartbeat everything could change and street-life becomes your destiny.
Streets Apart explores the struggles of homelessness, rough sleeping and the uphill challenge of surviving another day.

Streets Apart premiered at Stratford Playhouse, Stratford-upon-Avon on 6th and 7th April 2019.  A committed cast brought an insight into the lives of the vulnerable through innovative and immersive theatre. Blazing with tension, energy and passion, this powerful and contemporary play explores the fragility of life. Life on the streets is no life but when the community comes together to offer compassion and support, hope is born.

Touching, powerful and inspirational

Following its successful premiere in Stratford, Streets Apart is now available for licensing.  Please contact us on: jaxlines@streetsapart.impressionpr.net for further information.

Listen here to the ‘theme song’  from the show, Someone to Hold written and performed by Chris Musson.

Somebody to Hold